The Importance of Short-Form Videos (Plus 3 Videos You Should Be Creating)

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Short-form videos are growing to be one of the most effective ways to market your business, products, and services. With the rise of social media and short-form videos, about 66% of consumers report this form of marketing to be one of the most engaging types of content.

Both SMBs and enterprise corporations have taken advantage of this opportunity in order to create a more personal and human-like connection with their clients and viewers.

Let’s take a further look at the importance of short-form videos, how they impact your business, and the three types of videos your business should be producing to create more engagement.


The Impact that Short-Form Videos Have on Your Business

An engaging and visually appealing short video can quickly capture the attention of your audience. We live in a generation where viewers are 58% more likely to watch a short video than read a message or post. 

Short-form videos typically range anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds long. Creating videos like these will most likely become more memorable for the viewer, peak their interest, and create engagement. Not only can it grab the audience's attention quickly, but short videos are a great way to deliver a message efficiently and effectively.

Since they can be easily shared, short-form videos can also help expand your audience. For example, if your business posts a short video and a viewer likes, comments, or shares it, your video will show up on other news feeds causing you to immediately reach a broader audience.

Along with that, short-form videos are extremely cost-effective and have about a 30% return on investment. And the great thing is, it typically doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to create them.

So, what kind of videos should your business start producing? Let’s dive in. 


3 Types of Short-Form Videos Your Business Should Be Producing

There are many different types and styles of videos that your business can post in order to receive engagement and exposure. Here are three types of videos your business should consider creating and posting.

1. A Video that Displays a Popular Product or Service

When giving a visual presentation of your product or service, you are engaging your audience and allowing them to see exactly what you produce or provide. It’s important to provide as many details as necessary for the viewer to understand what you are offering.

Educating your audience on your services and/or products will help expand the viewer's knowledge and provide information they may not already have.

➡️ Pro Tip: During any short-form video, make sure you are adding a “sound” over the video. A “sound” is typically a trending song on that specific platform that users use in order to help gain more views. In fact, 88% of users say that sound is essential to the short-form video experience.

2. FAQ videos

FAQ videos aid in answering questions or concerns in an easy way for your audience to obtain quick information. This is extremely beneficial since it can peak curiosity and allow the viewer to explore your business deeper.

Some examples of questions you can answer include:

  • What does your company do?
  • Where are you located?
  • How can I contact customer service or support?
  • How does billing work?
  • Is this product or service right for me?

➡️ Pro Tip: In order to create a personal connection and unique experience, record an actual person answering common questions. Viewers trust companies who show their faces and answer questions rather than just commenting back. Be authentic, real, and human!

3. Tutorials, day-to-day, and promotional videos

Another type of short-form videos that your business should be producing are videos around tutorials, day-to-day tasks, and promotional content.

By creating a tutorial on how a product is made or how a service is done, you are being transparent with your viewers and demonstrating precisely what your business provides.

Day-to-day content is a great way for your business to show what is typically done every day and how you go about doing it. For example, your business could pick one employee to document their entire day by showing tasks they need to complete, different activities throughout the day, and a behind-the-scenes look into the company. 

Promotional content is another great way to show that your business is more than what meets the eye. Taking videos during an event, conference, or trade show allows viewers to have greater insight into all the activities a business attends.

➡️ Pro Tip: Keep in mind that some people viewing your content cannot always listen to audio. Applying subtitles on the screen is important to encourage all viewers to tune in. Including subtitles on videos has been found to increase viewing by 80%.


Where should I be posting short-form videos?

Short-form videos can be posted virtually anywhere. Here are the top platforms for posting short-form videos, and a few key statistics to keep in mind.

1. Instagram Reels

Instagram helps 83% of its users discover new products, services, and companies. The most active users are in the age range of 18-34 years old. With over 67% of engagement being driven by reels, accounts with a following of less than 5,000 have a 3.72% higher engagement rate for the reels the user posts.

2. Facebook

As one of the longest-standing social media platforms, Facebook users range between 18-44 years old. Every month, over 1.25 billion users visit Facebook to watch videos. Because of this, more than 4 billion views take place each day with over 100 million hours of video watched. 

Accounts that post videos make up almost 50% of the time users spend on Facebook with increased engagement rates of 0.44%.

3. LinkedIn

With the rise of short-form videos on LinkedIn, 84% of video marketing has been successful in selling services or products on the platform. Videos posted on LinkedIn are being shared over 20 times more than any other content posted, while 59% of executives state that they would rather watch videos than read a post.

4. TikTok

TikTok is an increasingly popular video platform with the majority of its users ranging from 25-54 years old. Because of its growing popularity, the app is projected to have over 834.3 million monthly users worldwide in 2023.

Through TikTok, brands and businesses are 40% more likely to be remembered and have a purchase rate of 2 out of 3 users who view their videos.

In fact, over 55% of users use TikTok to research new brands or products. As a result, users are twice as likely to recommend a product or service they have discovered on the app and are 1.5 times more successful at convincing others to try the product or service. 


It’s time to start creating short-form videos!

There is no doubt that short-form videos are an effective way to gain more exposure and engagement with your audience. Try some of these content ideas out and watch your views grow!

If you’re not ready to jump right into production, there are marketing agencies that are standing by to help. You can DIY if you prefer, but don’t let this get overwhelming. Sometimes the best way to start doing something is to simply start. 

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