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Are you outsourcing your marketing? Here are 4 areas a marketing agency could be helping you in 2020.

2020 is here and if your team is like most teams, you’ve got some big goals ahead of you this year. With the many moving parts that go into accomplishing your goals, having the right talent ...
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5 Simple Stages to Gain Data Hygiene

Data hygiene is critical to your marketing campaigns. Let's think about it for a minute: How many customers does your company have? What about leads? Do you have a list of all of your ...
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The Best-Tasting Email Strategy Out There

Ah, December. This month is often known for its infamous holiday get-togethers and dinner parties. Believe it or not, the structure of a dinner party can actually be used during your next ...
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Are You Running a Modern Marketing Department?

At 1 Bold Step, we often talk about the evolution of the buyer and the related evolution of the marketing department. Think about the fast-changing world we’re all living in. Buyers no ...
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What is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing is a project management approach to the work of marketing. It is based on the agile software development process developed in the 1990s. The core concept of agile is to ...
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Top 3 Tips for Business Owners

After being in business for just over a year now, 1 Bold Step's CEO and Founder, Jennifer Jurgens, sat down with the Small Business Association of Michigan to provide her own Wednesday ...
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Left-Brained Marketing

When the average person thinks about the concept of marketing, they usually think about the work a company does to convince people to buy their products through advertising and promotions. ...
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What is Marketing Operations?

Marketing Operations is the foundation of the marketing department. It is the interplay between people, processes, and technology that make the marketing department work effectively.
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Should your Marketing Team Consist of Lead Generators or Sales Enablers?

Where should your marketing team be focused? Are they helping close that next deal with a specific customer or nurturing your potential future customers? Marketing teams are increasingly ...
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Grand Rapids Marketing Operations’ Firm Expands

1 Bold Step, led by Jennifer Jurgens and Adam Clarke, embraces company-wide growth through the hiring of a new Marketing Operations Coordinator and expanding into a new office location.   ...
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Two West Michigan marketing experts join forces to launch new agency

  1 Bold Step, led by Jennifer Jurgens and Adam Clarke, helps companies bridge the gap between traditional and new marketing  GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – 1 Bold Step, formed in 2012 by Jennifer ...
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