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How to Align Your Marketing Plan with Your Strategic Plan

Our team recently kicked off a webinar series, titled "Q & A with A & J." We wanted this series to be different from most webinar series. A lot of times, a webinar is just one-sided where ...
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Here is your Tactical Marketing Checklist. Go from "Big Idea" to Execution.

A lot of our clients find it easy to formulate ideas and plans about their company’s next greatest event, product, or campaign that should happen. After all, those ideas help organizations ...
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5 Ways to Generate Leads After Your Conference or Trade Show Gets Canceled

During the pandemic, we’ve all had our share of things canceled or postponed. And if you’re like me, you’re missing the opportunity to meet face-to-face. One of the biggest concerns I’ve ...
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The West Michigan Business Podcast and How We Help Local Companies Execute Successful Marketing Strategies

I recently sat down with Eric Schroeder, the host of the West Michigan Business Podcast to talk about everything from advice to a small business owner to who I would want with me during the ...
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Are you outsourcing your marketing? Here are 4 areas a marketing agency could be helping you in 2020.

2020 is here and if your team is like most teams, you’ve got some big goals ahead of you this year. With the many moving parts that go into accomplishing your goals, having the right talent ...
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Should your Marketing Team Consist of Lead Generators or Sales Enablers?

Where should your marketing team be focused? Are they helping close that next deal with a specific customer or nurturing your potential future customers? Marketing teams are increasingly ...
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Grand Rapids Marketing Operations’ Firm Expands

1 Bold Step, led by Jennifer Jurgens and Adam Clarke, embraces company-wide growth through the hiring of a new Marketing Operations Coordinator and expanding into a new office location.   ...
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