Why Marketing Matters During a Pandemic

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Adam Clarke had the opportunity to sit down with Kathleen Roark and Katherine Jandernoa, the hosts of a recent Local First marketing webinar to chat about why marketing matters and how to approach it during a pandemic. Adam was joined by Lance Beaudry from Avalanche Creative, Megan Dimmer from Menuha Studios, and Michele Ringelberg from ThrivePOP.

Listen to the whole webinar by clicking the play button below.

Don’t want to listen to the whole thing? No problem! Check out the webinar overview below to see what was covered.


Webinar Overview:

Question: How can a business assess its current systems versus the need to invest in new tools/platforms?

Advice: From Adam’s perspective, he recommends that teams, especially marketing and sales, need to figure out exactly how they prove return on investment (ROI). With potential marketing budgets being cut more than ever, there’s a need to track ROI. Adam looks at current systems before deciding if it is time to invest in a new system, where you can actually prove ROI. Systems showing leads coming in and turning into successful deals are what’s used to assess a system. In addition, Adam emphasized that businesses need to optimize what they currently have. Doing things such as going through your website and thinking like a user, making sure it is user friendly, and easy to convert into a conversation. 


Question: How can businesses maintain the attention of their current market amongst the high volume of content available in this pandemic?

Advice: Meghan expressed the importance of continuing to grow business relationships by conducting brand awareness campaigns and clarifying the purpose of the business, and why that matters to consumers. 

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Question: How can businesses generate more traffic to their site and when to invest in new tools?

Advice: Lance stated you can not improve what you do not measure. We love that feedback from Lance. First, you must figure out what is working and double down on that before starting new things. 

Adam shared the importance of educating your audience because right now, people aren’t looking to buy but rather they are looking to learn. He referenced two stats from HubSpot: one is the doubling of their weekly academy since COVID-19 and the second, a 40% increase in their organic traffic to their blog.

From a marketing perspective, people follow HubSpot’s blog because it’s educational, which reflects the value of educating. People want to learn right now so educate your current customers and prospects. When the world goes back to normal and they are ready to buy, they will think of the brand that educated them because they have been teaching them this whole time.


To listen to the rest of the topics that were covered, why marketing matters, and how to approach it during a pandemic, click the play button below to check out this 55-minute webinar.


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